The History of Olde Home Days 

The first Clinton OHD program was in the year 2000 as part of the Sesquicentennial or 150th Anniversary for the Town of Clinton. The Town started planning for this big celebration in 1995. Committees were established and the Town set money aside during each of those years to fund the numerous planned activities. The Clinton Olde Home Days committee is an all-volunteer, non-profit group, not a separate town department, that works directly for the Board of Selectmen. Due to the positive response of the 150th Anniversary event, the Selectmen asked the committee to continue planning the annual family event for the town to enjoy and to make sure the tradition continues.

The committee members continue to change over the years due to retirements, job changes etc. Most of the members are not native Clintonians and new members and new ideas are always welcomed. Over the past 20 years, this dedicated committee has been honored with a very diverse of group of individuals who share their excitement and expertise to help plan one of the best town fairs in central Massachusetts. They meet year-round and have organized and managed the Olde Home Days programs for the Town of Clinton since the first one in the year 2000.

The OHD committee is not a fund-raising group, but the program has helped local civic, ethnic, church, and charitable organizations raise over $200,000 by providing a venue for them to sell food, raffles, crafts and other fundraising items to the 8-10,000 people that look forward to and attend this great family fun event every year. For many of these local organizations, this is one of their largest fundraising opportunities of the year.

The cost to put on this program is approx. $18-$22,000 per year. The committee offsets these costs through sponsorships, donations and funds collected from vendors and amusement rides.

The OHD event has grown every year and is considered by many to be one of Clinton’s best community family events of the year.